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In all honesty, I use to as a personal diary, I do not share it with others, and its nothing personal, I just haven't told many people about my blog. I use to but then I completely stopped over the years, I got "busy." But as time goes on I wouldn't mind sharing my personal thoughts with others. People always tell me they are inspired the stories I share. I have encountered so much in my life, and I love to share so people around me can see, no matter what your circumstances are, you can make it out of it.
I graduate in may 2017, after a long journey of losses, ups and downs, financial problems, heartbreaks, homelessness, etc. I am beyond happy and ready to embark on my future endeavors.
I have decided to continue blogging from time to time, but on Tumblr. Tumblr allows various emotions, and blog post. I love my blogger account, but Tumblr is where you can find me.
Snapchat : britt_alix
Instagram : beealix


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ive been too lazy to post so i have ALOT to talk abt.

friday morning at the nail shop, on cnn it was announced farrah fawcett had passed away. i was in shock, she was so gorgeous. but she was suffering from cancer & i know she is no longer suffering.

then later on in the same evening, i was on my way to work & 102.1 announced MICHAEL JACKSON had been rushed to the hospital. i was like sooo scared & i knew to keep faith. & online all i kept seeing was that MJ had passed, i was like NO i will not believe it i will keep faith. even before work i cried a lil. see heres the thing when i was lil until now i have always been a big michael jackson fan. when i was younger my mom said i loved michael jackson & toni braxton [lmao dnt ask] but basically mj is a big deal to me. i never doubted him, ive always loved his music & i have dvds & cds! i never believed the child molestation bull & never will! but i jst cant believe he was announced to be "dead" m…

Time has changed

I remember first starting here and to look back on it all, I was so young and innocent. Full of life and no care in the world. You couldnt tell me that back then, but now I see it. I definitely will be getting back into the swing of things ASAP. Over time so many social media outlets have been created & for now you can find me, Snapchat: @britt_alix Instagram: @_beealix Twitter: @_beealix Facebook: Pinterest: Tumblr: