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Blogging More

In all honesty, I use to as a personal diary, I do not share it with others, and its nothing personal, I just haven't told many people about my blog. I use to but then I completely stopped over the years, I got "busy." But as time goes on I wouldn't mind sharing my personal thoughts with others. People always tell me they are inspired the stories I share. I have encountered so much in my life, and I love to share so people around me can see, no matter what your circumstances are, you can make it out of it.
I graduate in may 2017, after a long journey of losses, ups and downs, financial problems, heartbreaks, homelessness, etc. I am beyond happy and ready to embark on my future endeavors.
I have decided to continue blogging from time to time, but on Tumblr. Tumblr allows various emotions, and blog post. I love my blogger account, but Tumblr is where you can find me.
Snapchat : britt_alix
Instagram : beealix

Recent posts


Today is 26th birthday, and I am beyond blessed. less than a year ago, I was a lost soul I felt like, but now I have gotten closer to god, family and friends, let go of negative people and things, and everything has turned around for me.
I was baptized Sunday, and the message before my baptism was "Fulfillment in Jesus", for a long time I continued to say I was missing something, but what I was truly missing was making Jesus number one. Nothing else matters or comes first, and I am beyond elated to have matured and learned so much, to where now, I am so happy, I know everything will fall in line the way it is suppose to!

On the go...

I graduated with my associates, May 2013. It took me longer to achieve it due to so many hardships, and losses. It was such a huge accomplishment for me, since the prior year I had my daughter and lost her father all in the same year. I wanted to get my BSN (nursing degree), but the flexibility of the program was something I could not work with. I did all the necessary prepping for nursing school, practice test, all required courses, etc. I was so disappointed, but me being a parent comes first, and me working has to be done first. Eventually I found a new love, which is my current job, of advising. I always wanted to be in a field of helping people. I am currently a financial aid advisor, and I love what I do however, I would love to continue to be further in education! Last semester I took on three classes, which has never really been challenging to me, but now I am taking four. If all goes as planned, my estimated graduation date is May 2017, if not I have it set at December 2017, …

Where is my HAPP(y)NESS?

It has been four years of me being "single" but not because I wanted to be. February 11, 2012, I lost the love of my life and ever since then I didn't know where to turn. It took me two years to at least feel comfortable enough to "date", and not feel like I was cheating on him.
Honestly, I have tried my hardest to be in a serious relationship since then, I have never been the type to "casually date."
2014, I "talked" to someone, I dated in high school, and the whole year and he did nothing but play the "be patient, we will be together we just need to work on ourselves" game, eventually I got tired of taking someone so serious who didn't do the same for me and cut all ties.
2015, I did the "talking" to someone thing again, it seems I always more serious than they were. I was doing things as if I was in a relationship, they made me feel that way so I treated them accordingly. Once they got comfortable, things got crazy. …

Time has changed

I remember first starting here and to look back on it all, I was so young and innocent. Full of life and no care in the world. You couldnt tell me that back then, but now I see it. I definitely will be getting back into the swing of things ASAP. Over time so many social media outlets have been created & for now you can find me, Snapchat: @britt_alix Instagram: @_beealix Twitter: @_beealix Facebook: Pinterest: Tumblr:


almost 3 years later ive decided to log back on here. so much has changed in my life and i am thinking about getting back on here to vent. i dont really care if anyone reads this or not.